Main research areas

The field of power electronics and control systems in electrical power engineering deals with power electronic subsystems in the overall context of their respective application. Examples of this are

  • series or parallel cascaded power converters on the grid,
  • cell-based power converters such as the modular multi-point power converter or
  • the use of power converters to supply electrical machines.

The focus here is on issues

  • modeling and simulation,
  • the design of control and regulation processes,
  • their implementation in digital information processing systems and
  • the identification of unmeasured variables

are often at the forefront of interest and are the subject of research in the field.

Laboratory equipment

TU Ilmenau / FG LSE

The department has extensive laboratory equipment for the experimental validation of scientific results. In addition, there is access to the following additional infrastructure at the Center for Energy Technology at the Thuringian Energy Research Institute:

  • OPAL (outdoor testing and experimental facility for photovoltaic components and systems),
  • a laboratory for low-voltage tests and
  • a laboratory for medium-voltage tests.

Special equipment