Group for Biotechnical Micro- and Nanosystems in Life Sciences

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Prof. Heinrich
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Doris Heinrich

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Yvonne Raab
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Technical University Ilmenau
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Untersuchungen von Zellfunktionen durch externe Stimuli

Research in the field of "Biotechnical Micro- and Nanosystems for the Life Sciences" is focused on the physiology and physics of cells in 3D environments, the manipulation of cells by external stimuli, and the application of cellular mechanisms for new technical micro-/nanosystems. The focus is on coupling biological processes and engineered systems with the goal of harnessing models of natural cell and tissue structure with sensor and actuator functions for applications in medicine, pharmacology, and environmental technology. This highly interdisciplinary research field combines classical life science research with micromechanical-fluidic systems for cultivation, diagnosis and manipulation as well as digital data management.

In our field you will find cell biological approaches including stem cell technology, methods for microstructuring of carrier structures for three-dimensional cell cultivation (lithographic laser methods and 3D printing of biological matrices) and coupling in microengineered biosystems (BioMEMS, organ-on-a-chip). Molecular biological, biophysical and optical data generated directly in the micro/nano systems and processed with the help of artificial intelligence will make an important contribution to new biotechnical processes in the future.


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We offer students a sound biotechnical education with close links to the engineering sciences and a comprehensive practice-oriented training. We attach great importance to high-quality, internationally oriented teaching in the courses of the respective degree programs.