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Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar; Köhler, Michael;
A self-seeding synthesis of Ag microrods of tuned aspect ratio: ascorbic acid plays a key role. - In: Nanotechnology, ISSN 1361-6528, Bd. 24 (2013), 34, 345604, S. 1-11
Cao, Jialan; Kürsten, Dana; Krause, Katrin; Kothe, Erika; Martin, Karin; Roth, Martin; Köhler, J. Michael
Application of micro-segmented flow for two-dimensional characterization of the combinatorial effect of zinc and copper ions on metal-tolerant Streptomyces strains. - In: Applied microbiology and biotechnology, ISSN 1432-0614, Bd. 97 (2013), 20, S. 8923-8930
Li, Yuehao; Yamane, Dawit G.; Li, Shuning; Biswas, Sanchita; Reddy, Rupesh K.; Göttert, Jost S.; Nandakumar, Krishnaswamy; Kumar, Challa S. S. R.
Geometric optimization of liquid-liquid slug flow in a flow-focusing millifluidic device for synthesis of nanomaterials. - In: The chemical engineering journal, ISSN 1873-3212, Bd. 217 (2013), S. 447-459
Köhler, Michael J.;
Biotechnology and microsystems: give and take between enzymatic synthesis, cell cultivation and microstructuring. - In: Engineering in life sciences, ISSN 1618-2863, Bd. 13 (2013), 4, S. 323-324
Groß, Gregor Alexander; Singh, Sukhdeep; Schlingloff, Gregor; Schwienhorst, Andreas; Riester, Daniel; Wegener, Dennis; Wurziger, Hanns; Schober, Andreas
Robotic alliance of miniaturized synthesis and screening: a case study for the identification of histone deacetylase inhibitors. - In: Engineering in life sciences, ISSN 1618-2863, Bd. 13 (2013), 4, S. 344-351
Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar; Li, Shuning; Köhler, Michael
Heterogeneous nanoassembling: microfluidically prepared poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles on Ag microrods and ZnO microflowers. - In: Particle & particle systems characterization, ISSN 1521-4117, Bd. 30 (2013), 7, S. 614-623

The heterogeneous assembly of colloidal polymer particles on the nano- and microstructures of a metal is a versatile platform for adjusting the mechanical and electrical properties simultaneously. The assemblies of silver (Ag) microrods and flower-like zinc oxide (ZnO) microparticles with poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) nanospheres are presented to prepare advanced composite materials. PMMA nanoparticles are prepared via the emulsion polymerization technique using a microfluidic preparation step in the presence of cationic surfactant. The surface charge of PMMA particles determines the binding interaction strength with inorganic constituents. Ag microrods and ZnO microparticles are prepared in a batch and in a continuous flow process, respectively. The assembling process can be explained by a particle-particle binding process due to the electrostatic interaction for both types of nanoassemblies. The observed binding pattern reveals certain lateral mobility of the small polymer particles at the surface of larger metal particle. The particle ratios in the nanoassemblies can be tuned over a wide range by changing the reaction parameters.
Lenk, Claudia; Einax, Mario; Maaß, Philipp
Irregular excitation patterns in reaction-diffusion systems due to perturbation by secondary pacemakers. - In: Physical review. Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics / American Physical Society. - College Park, Md. : APS, January 1993-December 2015 , ISSN: 1550-2376 , ZDB-ID: 1472725-0, ISSN 1550-2376, Bd. 87 (2013), 4, S. 042904, insges. 8 S.
Köhler, Michael; Li, Shuning; Knauer, Andrea
Why is micro segmented flow particularly promising for the synthesis of nanomaterials?. - In: Chemical engineering & technology, ISSN 1521-4125, Bd. 36 (2013), 6, S. 887-899
Knauer, Andrea; Köhler, Michael;
Screening of multiparameter spaces for silver nanoprism synthesis by microsegmented flow technique. - In: Chemie - Ingenieur - Technik, ISSN 1522-2640, Bd. 85 (2013), 4, S. 467-475
Budden, Matthias; Schneider, Steffen; Groß, Gregor Alexander; Kielpinski, Mark; Henkel, Thomas; Cahill, Brian; Köhler, Michael
Microfluidic encoding: generation of arbitrary droplet sequences by electrical switching in microchannels. - In: Sensors and actuators, ISSN 1873-3069, Bd. 189 (2013), S. 288-297