Degrees at the Institute of Physics

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Kira Junghans "Superconducting thin Pb films studied with a 30 mK scanning tunneling microscope".

Henrik-Peter Gampert"Low-temperature measurements of diffusion and relaxation times of different salt solutions in Mojave Mars simulant soils"

Maximilian Köditz "Fabrication of low defect sputtered Al2O3 films for high performance optical applications using reactive process control in a magnetron source"

Lucas Gerlach"Investigations of the NMR relaxation times of water in Mojave Mars Simulant as a function of different salt concentrations"

Vincent Hartmann "NMR relaxation spectroscopy of deuterated liquids in porous media"

Justin Ziebs "Preparation of a 4m radio telescope to measure the distribution of neutral atomic hydrogen in the Milky Way disk"

Oliver Gödicke "Concentration determination of volatile anaesthetics using MEMS fabricated thermal conductivity sensing elements".

Johannes Fried"Measuring the Voice Coil Temperature of Electrodynamic Speakers with the HF Method according to Anazawa"

Lukas Elbrecht"Analysis and Characterization of Membranes for Pressure Maintenance during Interrupted Mechanical Ventilation"

Florian Kux "Development of a Test Setup and Implementation of an Algorithm for the Evaluation of Distance Measurements for a 3D-Space-LIDAR-System based on Single-Photon-Detection".

Max Grossmann "Analysis of power-dependent time-resolved photoluminescence measurements using coupled rate equations".


Bastian Noßmann "Influence of the atomic environment of single Fe atoms adsorbed on V3Si(100) on the local spectroscopy of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states with a scanning tunneling microscope".

Kai Daniel Hanke "Multiple quantum well structures of III-V semiconductors for use in Si-based tandem concepts"

Marika Carmen Federer Optical microcavities with sources and coupling - a description in the beam image by inhomogeneous initial conditions

Maximilian Kaupenjohann "Studies on Na[Tf2N] dissolved in Emim[Tf2N] and BMP[Tf2N] by angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy".