Test centres

MASTER: Four-roller dynamometer

Modern vehicles are being equipped with an increasing range of functions to enhance safety, comfort and performance. Despite the increasing complexity, manufacturers expect short production development cycles with constant reliability and a balanced price/performance ratio. The four-roller dynamometer is integrated as a MASTER node in a real-time test and development environment that allows products from different development cycles to be tested together. This enables a faster and more effective development of automobiles.

Basic technical data:

-Test chamber (L x W x H): 12 x 7,5 x 4,5 m³
-Air conditioning: -20 to 45 °C
-Peak power: 4 x 230 kW
-Roller diameter: front 48", rear 75"
-Wheel and axle load selective operation possible

Corner module

Investigation of longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamic tire characteristics Analysis of electric wheel drives up to 250 kW Experimental analysis of spring, damper and chassis characteristics Environmental investigations.

Analysis of emissions and particles from off-drive systems Automated sensor head positioning using an industrial robot Efficiency optimisation by minimising friction on subsystems for an optimised CO² balance of the vehicle Vehicle characteristics.

-Speed: up to 250 km/h
-Track width: 0,8 to 2,3 m
-Wheelbase: 2,1 to 4,4 m
-Max. wheel load: 1,25 t

MASTER: Vier- Rollen- LeistungsprüfstandTU Ilmenau

Test centre for chassis and brake technology

With the help of the test centre, interdisciplinary research tasks with a unique selling point in terms of driving safety, driving comfort and environmental protection are carried out.

Illustration of heavy vehicles (up to vans) High-performance tests and comfort analyses (NVH) Analyses of chassis components up to complete axles.
-Rotation speed: nmax = 2500 rpm
-Speed: vmax = 310 km/h
-Drive: Mmax = 2300 Nm (up to approx. 1100 rpm)
-Moment of inertia: Imax = 191 kgm²
-Cooling/ Climate: Qmax = 4200 m³/h; -20 to +50 ̊C
-15 - 85% rel. humidity

Prüfzentrum für Fahrwerks- und BremsentechnikTU Ilmenau

Powertrain test bay

The powertrain test facility allows interdisciplinary research tasks on vehicle components of conventional and alternative drive concepts with regard to efficiency, environmental compatibility and comfort characteristics.

3-machine operation: axle drive and differential drive train from crankshaft output to sideshaft, transfer case 2-machine operation: manual and automatic transmissions, clutches 1-machine operation: combustion engines, electric motors, brake components

AntriebsstrangprüffeldTU Ilmenau

Experimental platform for real-time coupling

Model roller test bench

Demonstrator for real-time coupling of roller test stands and simulation platforms:
-Scaled mapping of test scenarios for drive and chassis technology
-Real-time coupling enables reproducible true-to-life testing
-Investigation of complex physical phenomena Model Brake test bench

Demonstrator for real-time coupling of brake test stands and simulation platforms:
-Scaled mapping of test scenarios for brake technology
-The real-time coupling enables reproducible true-to-life testing
-Consideration of complex tribological properties

Experimentalplattform für EchtzeitkopplungTU Ilmenau

Test centre for energy-efficient drives

AVL Dynospirit 370/4.5-8

A modern, highly dynamic engine test bench is available, on which tests can be carried out, especially on supercharged combustion engines. Scaled mapping of test scenarios for drive and chassis technology.

-Torque: MD = 785 Nm, power: P = 370 kW, speed: n = 8000 rpm, inertia: 0,273 kgm2
-Indication: AVL Indimodul, exhaust gas braking system AVL SESAM i60FT, measurement technology: p, T, P, M
-fuels: petrol, diesel, gas

Hot gas test benches

Two hot gas test benches are available for map measurements on exhaust gas turbochargers, thermomechanical investigations and materials testing at temperatures up to T = 1100 °C. ATL investigations in compressor short-circuit operation and blow-by measurements are possible on one test stand. Scaled mapping of test scenarios for brake technology.

-AVL HG400: Heat output: P = 400 kW, mass flow: m = 1500 kg/h, exhaust gas temp.: T = 150 - 1100 °C
-AVL HG200: Heat output: P = 200 kW, mass flow: m = 1000 kg/h, exhaust gas temp.: T = 150 - 1100 °C

Prüfzentrum für Energieeffiziente AntriebeTU Ilmenau