Component test benches

Friction flywheel mass brake test bench

The flywheel mass test bench serves as an experimental environment for determining the coefficient of friction and as a brake dynamometer for standardized brake tests.

-AK Master Tests
-SBWT Test (Short Bosch Wear Test)
-Noise Analysis (NVH)
-Denver Test
-Crack Test
-NEXT Test


-Speed: nmax = 2000 rpm
-Speed: vmax = 250 km/h
-Drive:  Mmax = 2000 Nm
-Inertia: Imax = 106.7 kgm²

Reibungs-Schwungmassen-BremsenprüfstandTU Ilmenau

Friction testing system for shock absorbers

Galdabini Quasar 5

Machine for tension-compression tests for the material characterization of elastomers, which has been extended especially for friction measurements in automotive vibration dampers.


-Standard measuring equipment: Force sensor + extensometer
-Additional force, pressure and differential pressure sensors
-Additional attachments for introducing lateral forces into the damper

Reibungsprüfsystem für StoßdämpferTU Ilmenau
Those: Galdabini

Dynamic driving simulator

Platform for the investigation of user acceptance of different assistance systems and human-technology interaction (MTI or HMI)

-Realization of vehicle dynamics with arbitrary software tools (IPG CarMaker / PreScan)
-CAN communication enables the influence of steering wheel characteristics in the form of stiffness, damping and friction
-Coupling with communication hardware (dSpace / National Instruments): real-time transmission of moments and angles to the simulation environment / vice versa active adjustment of the steering wheel

Extension of the platform:

-Extension by a hexapod to a dynamic driving simulator
-Opening of new investigation areas: Higher speeds, sideslip angles and a better haptic feeling for the dynamic processes in the virtual vehicle

Dynamischer Fahrsimulator TU Ilmenau

Hardware-in-the-Loop test complex

The test bench is intended for testing in algorithms of antilock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability programmes (ESP) and other driving safety systems.

The hardware includes a master brake cylinder, four wheel brakes and hydraulic control. A hydraulic control unit (HCU) can follow the control strategies implemented in MATLAB / Simulink using the dSpace interface.

Hardware-in-the-Loop PrüfkomplexTU Ilmenau

High dynamic DC voltage source

VES2 (Vehicle Energy System), Kratzer Automation AG

DC voltage source for static and dynamic load investigations of electric vehicle drives and DC voltage sink for investigations on vehicle battery systems or hybrid drive systems.

-Rated power: P = 250 kW (340hp)
-Output voltage: U = 40 - 800 V
-Output current: I = ± 0 - 700 A
-Voltage rise time: < 400µs
-Current rise time: < 400µs

Hochdynamische DC-SpannungsquelleTU Ilmenau

Steering test bench

The steering test bench enables both static and dynamic load scenarios of different steering support or actuation systems to be tested and simulated. This makes it possible to determine mechanical properties in addition to performance and efficiency measurements.

-Force application on both sides
-Analysis of complete systems and components
-Inspection of the test specimen as a passive or active system
-Vehicle network simulation by programmable power supply unit
-Expansion potential by steering column
-Force and path control (max. force 18 kN / max. travel 200 mm / max. speed 385 mm/s)

LenkungsprüfstandTu Ilmenau

Pad compression and shear test rig

Combined testing device for performing compression and shear tests on friction linings. Compression test according to ISO 6310. Execution of cold and hot tests (400 ̊C)

Pressure or force control
-Loading speed: 4 kN/s or 80 bar/s
-Preload: 5 bar
-Maximum load: 160 bar
-Shear test according to ISO 6312

Execution of cold and hot tests (300 ̊C)
-Force or path control
-Load speed: 4.5 kN/s or 10 mm/min
-Preload: 5 bar
-Maximum force: 200 kN

Belagkompressions und -ScherprüfstandTU Ilmenau

Flow channel

The mobile wind tunnel according to the Göttingen design has a modular structure. A particle generator is available for introducing particles into the flow. The flow tunnel is used in the department in connection with the PIV system, among other things, for verification of flow simulations (FLUENT).

-Windtunnel: Length: 3 m / Height: 1 m / Channel width: 200 mm
-Measuring cell: 700 mm long x 100 mm high x 100 mm wide

StrömungskanalTU Ilmenau

Tyre testing equipment

-Development of tire testing equipment
-Visualization of tire vibrations
-Recording of any car tires
-Adjustable static radial load
-PC-controlled speed control
-Visualization of tire contact area

ReifenprüfeinrichtungTU Ilmenau

Vibration test facility

TIRA TV 50350-120

for investigation of component vibrations and durability


-Nominal force: sine: 2700 N; shock: 4000 N
-Swing travel max. 25.4 mm
-Sample weight up to 25 kg

SchwingungsprüfanlageTU Ilmenau

Climatic test chamber

FEUTRON 3636/17

Climatic examination of components


-Chamber volume 600 l
-(770 x 1020 x 745) mm³
-Sample weight 3 x 30 kg
-Temperature range (-75...180) ̊C
-Humidity range (10...95) %

KlimaprüfkammerTU Ilmenau

Hot gas test bench

Lifetime and functional tests of novel thermocouples (L x W x H: 1800 x 1000 x 1600 mm³)

air heater

-Nominal power 15 kW
-Maximum temperature approx. 900 ˚C
-Air flow rate approx. 1000 l/min

Vibration test equipment TIRA TV52165/TV51110

-Radial and axial load of the thermal sensors
-Frequency range 2 to 7000 Hz

HeißgasprüfstandTU Ilmenau