MATLAB / Simulink

Computer algebraic software for the solution of differential equations, which is also used as follows:

-Data acquisition, data analysis and data evaluation
-Rapid control prototyping and optimization
-Prototypical software development
-Statistics, signal and image processing



InMotion is a mobile real - time simulation platform with multivalent interfaces

-Complete vehicle simulation (IPG CarMaker) for mapping complex test scenarios through real-time networking
-Programming interfaces to MATLAB / Simulink
-C - code communication interfaces: UDP / IP, TCP / IP, CAN, FlexRay, USB

InMotion ist eine mobile echtzeitfähige SimulationsplattformInMotion

IPG CarMaker

The software enables virtual driving tests to be carried out at the pre-development stage

-Possibility of implementing driver and vehicle models (or even individual subsystems) and the associated controls

Application in the group: Implementation of simulations for the preliminary investigation of new concepts and newly developed control systems

IPG CarMakerIPG, TU Ilmenau


FEM software for solving linear and non-linear problems in the domains of structural mechanics, structural dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, piezoelectricity, electromagnetism and combined approaches.

Application in the group: NVH analyses, analysis of aerosol flows (fine dust emissions), friction simulation in automotive vibration dampers


Motor process simulation

Development of a 1-D engine process simulation program for teaching and research to simulate the entire engine.

MotorprozesssimulationTU Ilmenau


-PC-supported image acquisition and processing
-Online and offline image analysis
-Automated image analysis based on sequences
-Automatic testing of measurement and position deviations Interface to LabVIEW

IMAQTU Ilmenau


Simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, signal processing, coupling of fluidic heat transport

Application in the group: Instationary system simulation of electrohydraulic brake systems

AME SimTU Ilmenau


Software for system development for use in measurement, test and control applications fast hardware access with fast insight into the acquired data creation of real-time capable applications for the acquisition of measurement data and control of processes

Application in the group: Data acquisition and control of automated systems

LabViewTU Ilmenau

AVL Cruise

Estimation and design of vehicle components and overall vehicle concepts: consideration of driving routes, driver models, mapping of complex driving dynamic scenarios

Application in the group: simulation of approaches to optimise the fuel consumption of passenger cars


Universal development, test and analysis tool for CAN and LIN bus systems:
-Simulation of a LIN master
-Free specification of the baud rate
-Step-by-step replacement of simulated with real nodes
-Synchronous simulation and analysis of CAN and LIN

Application in the group: development of LIN bus-based applications