The Group for Information Technology in Production and Logistics  has an interdisciplinary orientation in research and teaching. Our roots are in business informatics and computer science our applications mostly in engineering. We attach great importance to close national and international networking. Nationally we are involved in the Simulation Working Group (ASIM) of the German Informatics Society. In the international field, we are involved in the organization of renowned conferences and bilateral cooperations. We commit to having personal contact with our students and guarantee individual support.


We conduct computer science-related research, which is mostly applied in the areas of production and logistics. Our research focus is the field of modeling and simulation. Current topics include the areas of Industry 4.0, Digital Factory and Digital Twin. We also work on the development of artificial intelligence methods for applications in the field of production and logistics.

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TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


Our courses are oriented towards our main research areas. As a computer science-related group, we are commited to teaching the basics of programming and application development. Our research-related courses are in turn part of various economic sciences and engineering sciences degree programs. The range of the courses includes current topics such as Industry 4.0 and the Digital Factory. Several consecutive courses are dedicated to the field of simulation.

Conference Recommendations of the ITPL Group