Industry 4.0 and the Digital Factory

Industry 4.0 and the Digital Factory are central topics that are currently shaping information technology in production and logistics. With competences in the areas of interoperability standards, we contribute to shaping these future topics. Examples of our work are in the context of automatic generation and initialization of simulation models and the simulation-based control and optimization of production systems.

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Modeling and Simulation

Our research contributes to methodological aspects of modeling and simulation of production and logistics systems. Examples include hybrid simulation and distributed simulation. For current industrial trends such as modular assembly or decentrally controlled production systems, we are working on the adaptation of different simulation paradigms. The realization of the "digital twin" is also one focus of our research work.

Artificial Intelligence and Simulation

One of our core competences is the combination of simulation and artificial intelligence methods. In particular, the use of reinforcement learning methods in combination with simulation models for the optimization of highly complex production and logistics systems is the focus of our research.

pixabay/Gerd Altmann
Pixabay/Gerd Altmann

Knowledge Discovery in Simulation Data

Based on the idea of data farming, our methodology of "knowledge discovery in simulation data" was developed. It extends traditional simulation studies with efficient experiment design and relies on machine learning and visual analytics to evaluate the result data. Our methodology is continuously refined and tested in practice.

Energy Efficiency in Production and Logistics

For the evaluation and optimization of the energy efficiency of production and logistics systems, the exact prediction of the energy and power demand, especially reagarding its course over time, is necessary. For this purpose, we develop various solutions based on hybrid simulation approaches and deep learning methods.

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