Andreas Beetz

Laser material processing

Disk laserTrumpf TruDisk 5000.75
Fiber laserCoherent HighLight ARM 7000 (loaner)
 IPG YLM-450/4500-QCW
 Trumpf TruFiber 400
 Rofin PowerLine F20
Solid-state laserLASAG SLS 200 CL60 HP
Diode laserLaserline LDM 3000
 Laserline LDM 1000
CO2 laserSynrad firestar series f400
Scanner systemsScanlab intelliWELD 30 FC
 Raylase TS-30
 Trump PFO 20
 Scanlab powerScan 33
Handling systemsKuka KR60 HA
 Rotary tilting axis Kuka DKP400
 Sitec LWPS 1000
 ILZ Ilmenau laser portal
 mobile machine tool for investigations at the synchrotron (own development)

Arc technology

GMAW power sourcesEWM alpha Q 552 RC puls (MicroMSG)
 EWM alpha Q 552 Expert 2.0 puls MM - single wire feeder
 EWM alpha Q 552 Expert 2.0 puls MM - two-wire feeder
 EWM Phoenix 355 Expert 2.0 puls MM TKM
 Fronius CMT Advanced 4000
 EWM Titan XQ 500 puls D EX W
TIG power sourcesEWM Tetrix 551 AC/DC Synergic FWD
 EWM Tetrix 352 AC/DC Synergic RC HW
 EWM Picotig 200 AC Hotwire (handheld)
 Fronius TransTig 1700 (handheld unit)
Plasma systemsEWM Microplasma 102 RC Plasma CW GR
 EWM Tetrix 350 AC/DC with GDE3 gas control system
 Castolin Eutectic - Eutronic GAP 3000 AC/DC
Hot wire systemsEWM Tetrix 300 Comfort puls 5P TM
 EWM Triton 260 DINSE DC
Handling systemsKuka KR150-2000
 Kuka KR15-2
 Kuka KR60
 Rotary tilting axis Kuka DKP 400
 EWM Positionier PT-102B (Gear B: 0.3 - 10 rpm)
Andreas Beetz

Press welding

Diffusion welding systemsDSA 85: 150 x 100 x 80 mm³, 1000 °C, 45 kN
DSA 75: Ø=50-60 mm, h=20 mm, 1000 °C, 10 kN
Milling machine for FSWHermle UWF 1000 CNC
Robotized FSWGrenzebach system (6-axis articulated arm robot)
Spindle attachment for separate control of welding pin and shoulder (speed, direction of rotation)
Standing shoulder / DeltaN tool
Spot welding FSWEjoweld
Ultrasonic weldingTorsional system
Longitudinal system
Resistance weldingFronius DeltaSpot G2 (C-welding gun)
DALEX PMS 11-4 (modular power units)

Numerical simulation

SoftwareSimufact Welding
Ansys Workbench / Classic
Comsol Multiphysics
FlowScience Flow 3D
HardwareComputing cluster of the University Computing Center
Computer for FEM simulations
Computer for machine learning applications

Process diagnostics

High Speed CamerasPhotron Fastcam SA-X2
Photron Fastcam NOVA S9
Optronis CR2000x2
Lighting systemsCavitar Cavilux
LED based systems
Multichannel measurement systemsDewetron DEWE PCI-16 (2x)
Dewesoft Krypton
Jäger Measurement ADwin
Force measurementKistler Dynamometer 9139AA (up to 30 kN)
Kistler charge amplifier 5080A
Cutting force determination machining
Force and torque measurement
Vibration measurementLaser Doppler Vibrometer Polytec OFV-5000
Energy measurementEnergy measurement system (own development)
Schlieren technologymobile high speed schlieren stand (own development)
Geometry measurementMicro-Epsilon LLT3060-25/BL 2D/3D high-speed profile sensors (2x)
with integrated evaluation and possibility to measure on hot surfaces
SpectrometerAvantis AvaSpec (350 nm...1100nm, 350 Hz)
System for high-speed analysis of spectral lines or ranges (in-house development)
Temperature measurement technologyThermal imaging camera InfraTec ImageR 8320
Thermal imaging camera IMS Chips HDRC Pyrocam
Pyrometry (e.g. Kleiber, Optris)
Thermocouple measurement (e.g. type K, type C)

Metallography, materials testing and failure analysis

MicroscopyZeiss AxioScope.A1 with camera AxioCam ICc3
Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V8 with AxioCam 105 color
Zeiss Axio Vert.A1 MAT with AxioCam 105 color
Zeiss Axio Zoom KMAT zoom microscope
Vacuum impregnation unitBuehler VacNCast
Hot mounting pressBuehler Simplimet XPS1 (40 mm press mold)
Grinding machineBuehler Phoenix 4000V/2 (2x)
Electrolytic preparationStruers LectroPol-5
Hardness testingStruers DuraScan 70
UCI UT200 hardness scanner
Ageing and corrosion testingThermal ovens Thermal oven with power supply
Alternating immersion test in salt solution
Universal testing machineZwick 1455
Cupping test according to ErichsenRoell & Korthaus KG BP 612
Dynamic testSincoTec Power Swing Mot Evolution 50 kN
Zwick Roell high frequency pulsator 100HFP5100
3D motion and deformation analysisGOM Aramis SRX System
3D ScannerGOM Atos Core 300
Laser Beam AcousticsPrimes FocusMonitor
Primes BeamMonitor
Laser beam powerPrimes PowerMonitor
Coherent PowerMax-Pro (time-dependent power measurement)
Ophir L40(150)A-LP1

Agile production

Collaborative robotUR 3
GripperRobotiq 2F - 145
 Robotiq EPick
Camera systemRobotiq Wrist Camera
 Pickit M-HD
 MIRAI Robot Controller
Force / Torque SensorOnrobot HEX E
IO ModuleIOFireBug Engine
 Weidmüller UC20-WL2000
Linear actuatorIgus incl. drylin® D1 Controller
Process control and worker assistance solutionDessouter PivotWare
Augmented RealityMicrosoft HoloLens 2
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)PSI Penta 9.2 incl. Adaptive Components
Material flow analysis and simulationFlexSim
Job schedulinginfoBoard
Layout planning (Shopfloor)visTABLE
System DynamicsStella Architect
Value network topologyAnyLogistix
Michael Reichel

Machining and erosion

5-axis simultaneous milling machineSpinner U-620
5-axis micro-milling machineRealmeca RV-2 5A SP
3-axis milling machineMaho MH 600 W
LatheWeiler DZ 32 CNC
Weiler C30
Spinner PD CNC
Wire erosionCharmilles Robofil 240 (2,5 D)
Start hole erosionCharmilles HD10
Die Sinking ErosionWalter P500
Charmilles Roboform 35