The Production Technology Group is primarily dedicated to laser materials processing, arc technology, and pressure welding. The research focus is on materials and process engineering studies of metals, mixed metallic compounds, metal-plastic hybrid composites, additive manufacturing and plastics. Based on many years of experience and excellent networking with research institutes and industrial partners, our group uses modern experimental and analytical equipment to address innovative issues and novel manufacturing processes in the field of basic and applied research. 

Overarching themes and focal points

Manufacturing Technologies

Laser material processing

In laser materials processing, the focus is on welding and joining processes for metals, mixed metals and plastic-metal composites from the micro to the macro scale, using state-of-the-art laser beam sources and analytical equipment to address process technology, systems engineering and materials science topics. more information

Arc welding technology

Arc welding processes are widely used in industries ranging from automotive to power generation and tooling. The development of material- and process-oriented deposition strategies for additive manufacturing, innovative deposition technologies for wear and corrosion protection coatings, as well as joint welding processes are the main areas of research. more information

Arc welding technologyari / Michael Reichel

Solid state welding

Solid-state welding processes are already well established in many industries, such as the automotive and electrical industries. In this area, the focus is on solid-state joining processes such as friction stir welding and ultrasonic welding for the production of mixed metallic compounds, adapted tool design and effective wear mechanisms. more information

Analytics - Methodology - Application

Digitization, modeling and simulation

Digitalization in the context of manufacturing processes as well as the modeling and simulation of processes or structures are a focus of the work within the Production Technology Group. more information

Analytics, materials technology and process diagnostics

Process diagnostics, metallography, materials testing and analysis are the main areas of work for further investigation of manufacturing processes, material behavior and process-material interaction. more information

Industrial application

From aluminum-copper composites to plastic-metal hybrids to additive manufacturing, we help our partners and customers translate research and development into industrial applications. more information