Supervised dissertations (completed)
YearNameTitle of thesisFull text
2023Tobias BrodaDetermination of joint properties during spot welding of aluminum alloys with steel
2023Falk NagelInfluence of additionally induced temperature fields during laser beam welding of thin sheets
2023Lukas AlterPore formation during welding of copper materials using laser radiation in the green wavelength range
2022Felix WoyanProcess model for back molding of decorative foils in the in-mold labeling techniquePDF
2022Michael PaffhausenFriction stir welding with an industrial robot considering the application criteria for automotive high volume productionPDF
2022Matthias BruchmüllerCalculation of the modulus of elasticity of composite materials considering adhesion at the fiber-matrix interfacePDF
2021Anna RegensburgHybrid Friction Eutectic Bonding (HFEB) - material bonding of aluminum and copper using eutectic reactionPDF
2021Stefan CabaQuality-oriented process design in resin transfer moldingPDF
2020Fabian Lissek
Contribution to the understanding of the machining of compliant structures made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics
2020Martin Bielenin
Process strategies to avoid hot cracks during welding of aluminum with pulse modulatable laser beam sources
2020Christian Schindler
Mold removal on mineral glasses with ultrashort pulsed laser radiation
2018Klaus Schricker
Characterization of the joining zone of laser joined hybrid composites of semi-crystalline thermoplastics and metals
2018Christian Kotschote
Resistance spot welding with punching element - process and material characteristics of aluminum-steel-sheet metal joints
2018Stefan Brumm
Performance improvement in arc welding by using larger diameter wire electrodes
2018Karsten Günther
Material engineering considerations for hot-wire assisted MSG buildup welding of hard-material reinforced wear-resistant alloys
2017Diethmar Kraft
Heat flux balancing in hot plate butt welding
2016Andreas Patschger
Fundamental investigations on the process understanding of laser beam microwelding of metallic foils
2013Johannes Richter
Development of a process control for atmospheric plasma spraying to compensate for electrode wear-related effects
2012Thomas Luhn
Process diagnostics and process monitoring in friction stir welding
2010Arne Roos
Fundamental investigation on a new welding process called HFDB (Hybrid Friction Diffusion Bonding)