Autograders in programming training for INGenieurs

Responsible for the project: Dr. Daniel Fischer

Project duration: 01.01.2022 - 30.06.2024

Contact person:

Dr. Daniel Fischer (FG Information and Knowledge Management) Jonas Genath, M. Sc. (FG Information and Knowledge Management) Gunther Kreuzberger (FG Virtual Worlds and Digital Games, Fak. WM) Dr.-Ing. Ulf Döring (FG Data-intensive Systems and Visualization Group, Fak. IA) Dr.-Ing. Peter Amthor (FG Distributed Systems and Operating Systems, Fak. IA)


In recent years, a variety of so-called autograders have been developed to help instructors automatically evaluate and grade student-developed programs according to predefined criteria and rules. One of the most promising web-based open source solutions is CodeOcean. Developed by the Hasso Plattner Institute (University of Potsdam), the software is characterized by its large feature set, which not only allows automatic evaluation and grading of programs, but also provides a complete web-based execution and development environment with multiple logging, help and collaboration features. The goal of our project is to develop and test new competence-oriented, digitally supported teaching offers and examinations for programming education at the TU Ilmenau on the basis of an autograder. The experience gained will be used to establish a support structure for the development of further digital teaching offers and exams for programming education. Using CodeOcean as an example, we want to show that the use of autograders offers advantages for students and teachers.


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