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Stream on Multiobjective Optimization

Gabriele Eichfelder organizes a stream on “Multiobjective Optimization” for the 33. EURO in Copenhagen in July 2024.

Publications award

for “Solving Multiobjective Mixed Integer Convex Optimization Problems”,SIAM J. Optimization, 2020  by M. De Santis, G. Eichfelder, J. Niebling and S. Rocktäschel for the best publication in Mathematics and natural science in 2022, TU Ilmenau.

Program Director

Election of Gabriele Eichfelder for the SIAM Activity Group on Optimization for the term beginning 1/1/2023.

Workshop at Institut Mittag-Leffler

G. Eichfelder

Group for Mathematical Methods in Operations Research

The Group for Mathematical Methods in Operations Research is headed by Prof. Gabriele Eichfelder. In her team two employees holding a doctoral degree and three PhD students are currently working on a variety of different topics in the field of mathematical optimization, such as a numerical method for set optimization or on robust multiobjective optimization for the integration of intelligent neighbourhood networks into interconnected networks. The team members can be found here.


The Group for Mathematical Methods of Operations Research investigates mathematical programming problems theoretically as well as numerically. The focus is on continuous optimization problems, but also mixed-integer nonlinear problems are studied. The research topics are often motivated by problems from the engineering sciences or from work on industrial projects.

The main research topics are currently the theory of vector and set optimization, numerical methods for vector and set optimization, and thus also of multiobjective optimization, global optimization such as mixed-integer optimization, and optimization problems in applications. Further Information

TU Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau


We offer students a profound and broad education in the field of continuous optimization. This includes introductory courses on the basics of optimization for both students of mathematics as well as students of engineering or computer science, as well as a broad range of advanced and in-depth courses. These cover both more theoretical topics like optimization in infinite-dimensional vector spaces and more numerical topics like algorithmic methods of optimization.

In addition, we offer lectures on the basics of mathematics for business and engineering courses. For us, a high quality of teaching is important, which spans the arc from theoretical principles and scientific approaches to practical application. Further information