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Bachelor of Science
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Restrictions on admission
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Standard period of study
6 semester
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Start of studies
October 1
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Basic internship
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May 16 - October 15 | January 16 - July 15 (International Students)


Media economics is to a large extent a business studies course. The special feature of this course of study is the imparting of knowledge, skills and practical abilities in the fields of economics and law, media technology and media studies. This interdisciplinary approach is intended to enable graduates to design and manage business processes on their own responsibility and in interdisciplinary cooperation with business economists, media technologists, media scientists and partners from other disciplines, taking particular account of media-specific issues.

The bachelor's programme teaches basic specialist knowledge. In the advanced semesters, introductory courses are offered in specialised subjects, especially in business administration. A successful study leads to the professional qualification "Bachelor of Science". It qualifies for the subsequent Master's degree course.


Interview with a graduate (PDF for download)

Content of study

Mathematic foundations (e. g. mathematics for business sciences, statistics)

10 %

Business administration (e. g. accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, production management, marketing, business management, finance)

28 %

Economics (e. g. micro- and macroeconomics, economic policy, media economics)

13 %

Law (e.g. media law, public law, civil law)

11 %

Media technologies (e.g. information systems for media economics, applied media technology, media production)

13 %

Media- and communication science (e.g. media product research, media management, reception research, methodology)

8 %

Foreign languages and General Studies

3 %

Professional internship and bachelor thesis

14 %
Detailed subject overview: Media Economics

The media economics studies offer me the opportunity to work later in a variety of professional fields in the business and media sector.

Lara Müller


Practice during studies

There is no mandatory basic internship necessary. The specialist internship in the 6th semester lasts 12 weeks and can be completed in companies in Germany and abroad.

Fields of work

  • Management of media companies
  • Media departments in companies
  • Marketing, public relations
  • Multimedia and advertising agencies
  • Media Production
  • Companies in the games and music industry
  • Management consultancy

Caro studies media economics at the TU Ilmenau

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Student advisory service

Dr. rer. pol. Alexander Fox

+49 3677 69-4016

Study organisation

Heide Röseler

+49 3677 69-4054

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