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Since 2007, the TU Ilmenau has been working with a process-oriented and integrated quality management system (QMS) on the basis of an order for quality management (OrQM). A quality management manual (QM manual) underpins the OrQM and provides the framework for action for all members and staff of the TU Ilmenau. The process portal with the process map can be found on the intranet.

Within the framework of this, the Central Institute for Education offers various survey options as measuring instruments of decentralized quality control loops (described in the QM manual) as a service. These serve, on the one hand, to obtain statements about the quality of individual courses, subjects and entire study programs, and, on the other hand, to provide the faculties and other structural units, such as marketing, student advising and the alumni network, with information that is helpful for further developments in their areas of activity.

In detail, the following survey instruments - aligned with the "student life cycle" - are made available on the intranet:

  • Freshman surveys
  • Teaching evaluation
  • Surveys on the study situation
  • Survey of professional practice
  • Survey of dropouts
  • Graduation surveys
  • Graduate surveys

One of the main goals is to use the results of these evaluation instruments to make recommendations for ensuring and optimizing the quality of teaching. These recommendations can be incorporated into the QMS as a whole as well as into the individual further development of teaching and teaching staff, e.g. through continuing education.

First-year students


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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Anja Geigenmüller Vice President for Studies and Teaching

Phone: 03677 69-5010vpsl@tu-ilmenau.de