A scientific advisory board has been appointed to advise the university management on matters concerning ZIB and to provide scientific support. The advisory board can appoint topic-related committees.



  • Scientific monitoring of the measures and projects of the ZIB
  • Convening of examination committees for study programs offered by ZIB, resolution of the underlying study documents prior to forwarding to the corresponding committees of the university
  • Assessment of disciplinary versatility and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Support of the management of the ZIB within and outside the university
  • Evaluation of the ZIB in intervals of 3 years, commenting on reports
  • Advice on the development of medium- and long-term goals
  • Advice on the solution of short-term problems

The Advisory Board is composed of:

  • Chair: Vice President for Studies and Teaching
  • one representative of each faculty
  • two external members, whereby personalities are to be appointed who, due to their professional competence and focus of activities, are qualified to review and promote the development of the ZIB
  • executive officer with advisory vote
  • two representatives of the staff employed at ZIB
  • up to three representatives of the students.

The members of the advisory board are confirmed by the senate upon proposal of the faculties, the student council and the presidium and appointed by the president. The term of office of the members is 3 years, for the student representatives one year.


Prof. Anja Geigenmüller Vice President for Studies and Teaching | Head of ZIB


+49 3677 69-5010