The department focuses on the development and implementation of cutting edge engineering methods that allow for creation of robust, safe, and environmentally friendly industrial processes. The department focuses on four main areas of research:

  1. Big Data: In this area, research focuses on processing and manipulating large data sets in order to extract value from them. Topics of interest include system identification, soft sensors, modelling, design of experiments, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data quality assessment.
  2. Holistic Control: In this area, research focuses on the development of advanced control methods for complex industrial processes so that they can safely run from start-up to shut-down. Topics of interest include model predictive control, fault detection and diagnosis, plug-and-play control, control using soft sensors, and PLC programming.
  3. Smart World: In this area, research focuses on the implementation of the above methods to concrete problems in an increasingly linked world. Topics of interest include smart homes, smart factories (and Industry 4.0), smart grids, and smart cities.
  4. Linguistic Automation and Localisation: In this area, research focuses on the development and implementation of methods that can be used to automate the creation of “perfect” sentences that contain components that can only be deteremined at runtime. This includes such issues as subject-verb agreement, number-noun agreement, adjective-noun agreement, phonetic re-arrangements (for example properly using a or an), and morphological changes (declension of nouns and conjugation of verbs). Topics of interest include the development of the required concepts and also implementation of the concepts to specific languages.
TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


The department offers many different courses for those who are interested in learning about topics in automation engineering. As well, there is always the opportunity to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis in the department. Additional information can be found on the individual pages on the teaching section of the website.


The department consists of a wide range of staff, doctoral students, and student researchers. Information about the current members of the department can be found here.

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Prof. Yuri Shardt, PhD., PEng. (Alberta)
Telephone: (+49) 3677/69-2814
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Secretary: Mandy Assinner

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