Offers of the BMTI for pupils, teachers and parents


Care services

We offer individual support for individual students and small groups of students, e.B. within the framework of:

  • Seminar subject work
  • 2-week internships


The focus of these events is on studying at the TU Ilmenau, with a focus on the study of biomedical technology: motivation, study content, study objectives, career prospects.

The lectures last about 20-30 min and are suitable for high school students and new students as a target group, feasible at the TU Ilmenau as well as on site in the schools.

We are also happy to give lectures on current research topics at the popular scientific level.


Understand how we see - see how we understand.

Under this guiding principle, short introductions (approx. 10-30 min) take place in our laboratory facilities (e.B. X-ray laboratory, ophthalmological laboratory, electrophysiological laboratory, internship rooms).

These visits are suitable for students and new students (max. one school class per guide).


The workshops on "Biomedical Technology as a Study Goal" are aimed at small groups (approx. 15 people).

The content of this event includes a lecture on the study of BMT, laboratory visits, practical demonstrations and experiments.

The workshops last about 2 hours and are intended for vocational guidance teachers, vocational advisory companies and other interested parties and can only be carried out at the Institute of Biomedical Technology and Informatics.

Various examination methods such as the ECG are demonstrated by means of the patient monitor.

The demonstrations on biomedical technology (patient monitor, EEG and EMG derivative) are intended for an ongoing audience of students or new students.

The discharges last about 15 min; the demonstration of the patient monitor is also feasible in schools.

Further education

Further training on topics of biomedical engineering in the amount of up to 4 hours is possible.


We are happy to send you information and promotional materials:

  • Theme and information posters
  • Journal Study (German or English)
  • Leaflet Research Focus (German or English)
  • Study brochure (German or English)