BA-MA-Seminar (Bachelor-Master-Seminar) Neuroinformatik


The Bachelor-Master-Seminar is a forum for students to give their opening, mid-term, or final presentations on the bachelor and master theses in progress at the Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Robotics Lab or at external cooperation partners and supervised by the department.
Students who are working on the topics in some way (as student assistent, Hauptseminar theses as well as in suitable other Bachelor or Master theses) should attend in order to be able to contribute to the discussion. However, this is not a credit-bearing course.

To participate in the Bachelor-Master-Seminar, please enroll in the moodle courseBachelor-/Master-Seminar Neuroinformatik WS 22/23


Schedule winter semester 22/23

12.10.22Nils WinkelbachErstellung einer Praktikumsumgebung für das Robotvision Praktikum
(Masterarbeit - Final Presentation)
Dr. Steffen Müller
M. Sc. Marius Engelhardt