All topics offered here can be implemented in exactly the form presented here, but of course also in a modified form in a thesis. Talk to a person in the field or your supervisor about whether you have your own idea that you want to tackle, whether you want to implement a topic as presented or develop something of your own with the help of the supervisor, which is only roughly based on the topics presented. In principle, many things are possible, just ask!

Topics offered for media projects

In general, both BA and MA theses are possible at our department if you want to research the following topics: Digital communication, social media and the effects of its use, gender bias, smart cities / urban communication, right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories, well being / mental health, political communication, election studies, democratic participation in the digital age, gender and/or racial inequalities. All manual and/or automated methodological approaches of communication science are conceivable.

Other topics are of course also possible; if you are interested, simply contact

Existing offers can also be used:

Topics offered for bachelor theses

Topics offered for master theses