New publication on service marketing

Why service transformation relates to organizational change

Research on service transformation and its economic impact shows that changing business models from manufacturing to service provision sometimes failes. In the service literature, it is widely acknowlegded that production and delivery of complex and customized services benefits from appropriate organizational structures that provide service employees discretionary to play their role and to fulfill promises that have been made towards the customer. Hence, the question arises how service transformation relates to organizational change.

In a joint publication three authors - Anja Geigenmüller, Victoria Mayr, and Marcel Maurer - investigate to which extent service transformation in manufacturing comapnies requires organizational change and this change can be implemented. To this end, the paper employs network analysis to identify how changes in value creation structures result in modified interactions between frontline employees. The results of this analysis as well as further data support point to reciprocal relationships between organizational and mental change. BAsed on these results, the paper provides several conclusions on the service transformation in manufacturing companies as well as further routes for service research.

More information on the edited book (in German only)