University Professor Anja Geigenmüller

Service Marketing

This research focus includes the examination of the creation of services, the integration of external factors and the design of interactions between service consumers and providers. Theoretical reference points are primarily social-psychological and organization-related theories and approaches. Previous studies were mainly anchored in the context of personal services (e.g. health or consulting services). Further fields of application are the area of industrial services as well as non-profit organizations as service providers.

Business Relationship Management

This focus is devoted to questions of relationship marketing in relationships between companies. Mechanisms of the formation, continuation and termination of business relationships on an organizational and individual level are examined. Theoretical reference points are approaches of social psychology as well as interaction approaches. Special interest is given to interactions in technology transfer relationships between companies as well as between universities and industry.

Capital goods and technology marketing

Despite their high economic importance, questions of marketing of industrial goods and services or innovative technologies receive comparatively less attention in the literature. Research in this area deals with marketing strategies to avoid a "commoditization" of goods and services, the composition of bundles of products and services, design parameters and effects of industrial services as well as marketing strategies for the introduction of innovative technologies.

Research Marketing

This research field focuses on the general question of how abstract goals, contents, methods and results of research projects can be communicated to an interested public. Particular attention is paid to the target group of children and young people and the challenge of introducing them to scientific and technical issues, getting them interested in the relevant content and activities, and finding ways to recruit talented and qualified young people for science and industry.

Brand Management

Hardly any other topic has received as much attention in marketing research worldwide as brand management did. In the past, research on this topic has primarily dealt with aspects of brand credibility. Among other things, the focus has been on the question of how services with a high degree of immateriality can be successfully differentiated by brands and furthermore what mechanisms the formation or perception of brand credibility follows in that process.