TU Ilmenau on return visit to Bischkek

Cooperation agreement signed with KSTU Bishkek

Pressestelle KSTU

The university partnership with Kyrgyzstan was sealed in October last year in a "Memorandum of Understanding". At that time, a delegation from the Kyrgyz State Technical University (KSTU) visited the TU Ilmenau for the first time. The return visit at the beginning of March was now an important sign to confirm the interest in a serious partnership and thus in a deepening of relations.

Therefore, Prof. Töpfer, Dean of the Department of EI, Dr. Sylvia Bräunig, head of the teaching unit fundamentals of electrical engineering, Dr. Heiner Dintera, former DAAD Lektor in Bishkek, as well as Diana Butters, project coordinator at the FG TET, met at the KSTU in Bishkek with the Rector of the KSTU, Prof. Mirlan Chynybaev, the director of the German-Kyrgyz Technical Institute (DKTI), Prof. Anipa Usupkozhoeva, and several professors. In addition to the signing of the cooperation agreement, discussions regarding future cooperation were on the agenda.

After the Kyrgyz ambassador in Germany, Mr. Omurbek Tekebaev, was welcomed at the TU Ilmenau in November of last year, the German ambassador in Kyrgyzstan, Dr. Gabriela Guellil, took the visit of the delegation of the TU Ilmenau as an opportunity to visit the KSTU. She informed herself about the cooperation plans of both universities.

Worthy of note is the commitment of the KSTU to increasing the proportion of women in science, which can be seen, for example, in the organization of joint events between Unicef and Bishkek schools. The topic of equal opportunities is thus a common feature of both universities, as this is also an integral part of the mission statement of the TU Ilmenau.