++ Unfortunately, this partnership is suspended until further notice due to Russia's attack on Ukraine. Double degrees are not awarded at the moment. Common lectures will not take place. ++

Double master programs

Examples of the outstanding cooperation at the educational level between the Russian Federation and Germany include the German Engineering Faculty project at the National Research University Moscow Energy Institute and the project of the same name at the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University with the Ilmenau University of Technology. These projects enable Russian engineering students to acquire an additional German degree, which in turn represents a career-enhancing aspect. The reason for this lies, among other things, in the included partial study in Germany, which goes hand in hand with an expansion of technical and cultural competencies.

Since we attach great importance to the promotion of young academics in our field, we participate in the academic training of students even before their stay abroad. The block lectures are aimed at all Russian students who are enrolled in the respective German engineering faculty and not only at the participants of the double master program. In this way, we would like to make an active contribution to strengthening university and scientific cooperation between the Russian Federation and Germany. The project coordination is also the responsibility of our group.

Further information about the German Engineering Faculty at the National Research University Moscow Energetic Institute can be found on the project page. If you have any further questions or are interested in participating in the block lectures, please send us an e-mail.