Research Profile

Research focus

Our research focuses on the entire chain from production, processing, transmission, presentation to perception and personal experience. Voice, audio and video systems and services are investigated. Special attention is paid to the convergence of media in IP-based networks with respect to higher-quality multimedia services.

End-to-end communication [after Raake & Spors 2006, Spors et al., Proc. IEEE 2013].

Research Areas

Our research activities are divided into five thematic areas:

Audiovisual Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Here, the focus is on the evaluation of current technologies in the area of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). This is done, among other things, by examining the reception of 3D video and spatial audio.

Communication and interactive systems

The focus here is on the evaluation of communication systems, with particular attention to highly interactive systems for video conferencing and telemeetings.

Evaluation of IP-based applications

This topic area deals with the evaluation of applications and services in the field of information and entertainment whose content is obtained via the Internet and displayed in a web browser or via TV. On the technical side, the influence of the different layers of the Internet protocol suite is examined.

Network-based Studio Technology

The focus of this research is on the evaluation and, to some extent, implementation of professional studio technology that relies on an IT network infrastructure. This uses the audio-video bridging (AVB) standard.

Multimedia assessment methods

The development of evaluation methods for multimedia content is also a topic of our research. This involves combining methods and approaches from different fields, such as combining crowdsourcing and technical measurements.