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Felbel, Jana; Reichert, Anett; Kielpinski, Mark; Urban, Matthias; Häfner, Norman; Dürst, Matthias; Köhler, Michael; Weber, Jörg; Henkel, Thomas
Technical concept of a flow-through microreactor for in-situ RT-PCR. - In: Engineering in life sciences, ISSN 1618-2863, Bd. 8 (2008), 1, S. 68-72
Strehle, Katrin R.; Cialla, Dana; Rösch, Petra; Henkel, Thomas; Köhler, Michael; Popp, Jürgen
A reproducible surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy approach : online SERS measurements in a segmented microfluidic system. - In: Analytical chemistry, ISSN 1520-6882, Bd. 79 (2007), 4, S. 1542-1547
Brösing, Andreas; Richter, Stefan; Scholtz, Gerhard
Phylogenetic analysis of the Brachyura (Crustacea, Decapoda) based on characters of the foregut with establishment of a new taxon. - In: Journal of zoological systematics and evolutionary research, ISSN 1439-0469, Bd. 45 (2007), 1, S. 20-32
Funfak, Anette; Brösing, Andreas; Brand, Michael; Köhler, Michael
Micro fluid segment technique for screening and development studies on Danio rerio embryos. - In: Lab on a chip, ISSN 1473-0189, Bd. 7 (2007), 9, S. 1132-1138
Köhler, Michael; Groß, Gregor Alexander
Microphotometric characterization of fluid segment populations generated in different simple microfluidic networks. - In: Microfluidics and nanofluidics, ISSN 1613-4990, Bd. 3 (2007), 6, S. 653-663
Richtiger Name des Verf.: G. Alexander Groß
Schuch, Michael; Groß, G. Alexander; Köhler, J. Michael
Formation and fluorimetric characterization of micelles in a micro-flow through system with static micro mixer. - In: Sensors, ISSN 1424-8220, Bd. 7 (2007), 11, S. 2499-2509
Köhler, Michael; Romanus, Henry; Hübner, Uwe; Wagner, Jörg
Formation of star-like and core-shell AuAg nanoparticles during two- and three-step preparation in batch and in microfluidic systems. - In: Journal of nanomaterials, ISSN 1687-4129, Bd. 2007 (2007), 98134, S. 1-7
Groß, Gregor Alexander; Mayer, Günther; Albert, Jens; Riester, Daniel; Osterodt, Jens; Wurziger, Hanns; Schober, Andreas
Spatially encoded single-bead Biginelli synthesis in a microstructured silicon array. - In: Angewandte Chemie, ISSN 1521-3757, Bd. 118 (2006), 19, S. 3174-3178
Groß, Gregor Alexander; Wurziger, Hanns; Schlingloff, Gregor; Schober, Andreas
Microreactor array assembly, designed for diversity oriented synthesis using a multiple core structure library on solid support. - In: QSAR & combinatorial science, ISSN 1611-0218, Bd. 25 (2006), 11, S. 1055-1062
Gebinoga, Michael; Groß, Gregor Alexander; Albrecht, Arne; Lübeck, Thomas; Henkel, Thomas; Hoffmann, Patrick; Klemz, Uwe; Schlingloff, Gregor; Frank, Thomas; Schober, Andreas
"Syn&Sort": a chip-based tool for combinatorial synthesis. - In: QSAR & combinatorial science, ISSN 1611-0218, Bd. 25 (2006), 11, S. 1063-1068
Erratum. - Bd. 26.2007, 4, S. 581