What is Biomechatronics?

As a bridging subject, biomechatronics combines mechatronics with biology and medicine. Technische Universität Ilmenau recognized the potential of this field of research at an early stage and created Germany's first professorship "Biomechatronics" in 2002. Our declared goal is to develop and improve technical products using biological and medical knowledge.

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The research profil of the Biomechatronics Group includes the main areas:

Bionics in mechatronics (robotics, microsystems), BioMOEMS (Bio-Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems), human-compatible design and mechatronics in biomedical engineering.

We are also involved in the development of special robots and exoskeletons, new methods of cell cultivation, sound analysis and the synthesis of biocompatible measurement systems.

In addition, we offer advice on measurements and analyses of movements as well as the modelling based on these.


If you love interdisciplinary work and are enthusiastic about biology, medicine and engineering, you can already develop in biomechatronics during your studies. The application of mechatronic systems on and in the organism (Eng4Bio) and the systematic derivation of active principles of biological models for the development of technical ideas (Bio4Eng) are the two most important directions of action of biomechatronics, which we introduce to students..

The Biomechatronics Group offers courses in the bachelor and master programs mechatronics and biomedical engineering. Supervision of students of other courses of study after consultation.

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