Head of Group

Group Office

Kerstin Schmidt


Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3190


+49 3677- 692460

🖷 +49 3677- 691280


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-11:00 a.m.


Postal address:

Technische Universität Ilmenau

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Biomechatronics Group

P.O. Box 10 05 65

98684 Ilmenau


Visiting address:

Max-Planck-Ring 12

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3190

98693 Ilmenau


Site plan

Research Assistants and Doctoral Students

Photo by Mr Helbig

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Helbig

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3280

+49 (0) 3677 69-4689


Dr. Claudia Hönemann

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3210

+49 (0) 3677 69-4690


Max Jäger, M. Sc.

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3240

+49 (0) 3677 69-4687


Mostafa Sayahkarajy, Ph. D.

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3240

+49 (0) 3677 69-4688


Josefine Steinz, M. Sc.

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3290

+49 (0) 3677 69-2690


Katja Uhrhan, M. Sc.

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3220

+49 (0) 3677 69-2458


Photo by Mrs Wenzel

Sabine Bruchmüller, M. Sc.

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3230

+49 (0) 3677 69-2463


Technical Staff

Dipl.-BW (FH) Wolfgang Kempf

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3240

+49 (0) 3677 69-1242


Photo of Mr Köhring

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Köhring

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3200

+49 (0) 3677 69-1803


Foro by Mrs Limburg

Katrin Limburg                       

Werner-Bischoff-Building, Room 3260

+49 (0) 3677 69-2461



Private Lecturers, Postdoctoral Researchers and External Doctoral Students

Private Lecturer

Dr.-Ing. (habil.) Emanuel Andrada

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Institute of Zoology and Evolutionary Research with Phyletic Museum, Ernst Haeckel House and Didactics of Biology

Erbertstr. 1

07743 Jena


Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Müller

CI Audiologist (DGA) /Medical Physicist (DGMP)


External Doctoral Students

  • Maximilian Bemmann, M. Sc.
  • Caroline Fliegner, M. Sc.
  • Stefan Kreipe, M. Sc.
  • Raman Raman, Ph. D.
  • Anja Straube, M. Sc.


Name Title Company
Andrada, Emanuel PD Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Schiller University Jena (has habilitated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität Ilmenau)
Bances, Enrique Dr.-Ing. University of Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IPA
Beinersdorf, Frank Dipl.-Ing. Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Behrens, Roland Dr.-Ing. Fraunhofer IFF
Carl, Kathrin Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Drumm, Helge Dr.-Ing. URZ Technische Universität Ilmenau
Fetter, Robert Dipl.-Ing. TMWWGD
Fischer, Robert Dipl.-Ing.  
Fischheiter, Lars Dipl.-Ing. Roche Diagnostics Automation Solutions GmbH
Fremerey, Max Dr.-Ing. BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Fröber, Ulrike Dr.-Ing. Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Gramsch, Torsten Dr.-Ing.  
Heppe, John Dr.-Ing. Fresenius Medical Care AG &amp
Jimenez, Omar Dr.-Ing.  
Kikova, Teodora Dipl.-Ing.  
Köhring, Annegret Dipl.-Ing.  
Kruse, Adrian Dr.-Ing. www.ibkruse.de
Lehmann, Lars Dipl.-Ing.  
Lehmann, Silvia V. Dipl.-Ing.  
Lutz (née Gavrilova), Irina Dr.-Ing. RWTH Aachen University
Lutz, Frederick Dr.-Ing.  
Mämpel, Jörg Dr.-Ing. avateramedical Mechatronics GmbH
Muka, István Dipl.-Ing.  
Müller, Alexander Dr.-Ing. Vivantes Clinic in Friedrichshain
Niederegger, Senta Dr. rer. nat.  
Nowack, Tobias Dr.-Ing. Technische Universität Ilmenau, High Frequency and Microwave Technology Group
Oberhoffner (née Schmidt), Tobias Dipl.-Ing. Clinic and Polyclinic for Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery "Otto Körner" University Medical Center Rostock
Rau, Thomas S. Dr.-Ing. Hanover Medical School VIANNA
Sang, Shengbo Prof. Dr.-Ing. Taiyuan University of Technology
Straube, Anja M. Sc.  
Stubenrauch, Mike Dipl.-Ing. Technische Universität Ilmenau, Teaching Group Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Spröwitz, Alexander Dr.-Ing. Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Stadelbauer, Birgit Dipl.-Ing. (FH)  
del Vecchio, Sara Dr.  
Vimieiro, Claysson Dr.  
Voges, Danja Dipl.-Biol. 2017 †
Zárate Moya, José Luis Dr.-Ing.