Our Research Profile


...includes the focus: bionics in mechatronics (microsystems, robotics) BioMOEMS (Bio-Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems), human-compatible design (from ergonomics to assistance systems), movements and mechatronics in biomedical technology. We expand the mechatronic system integration with bio-components (biogenic, biocompatible, bio-analog, bio-functional)


We Offer Advice on Issues


...bionics and function-analog modeling, measurements and analysis of movements and force variables as well as modeling based on them. In addition, we deal with new cell cultivation processes, the development of special robots and exoskeletons, sound analysis and the synthesis of biocompatible mechatronic systems.

Our Research and Competence Focus

  • Anatomy

  • Assistance systems (human-technology interaction) and biocompatible design

    • for the 50+ generation

    • for people with reduced mobility

    • Exoskeletons

    • Human-machine interaction (human-machine interface) and usability

  • Biomechanics and functional morphology

    • Implantology / osteosynthesis

    • Measurement method

  • Bionics

    • Bionics and mechatronics for biomedical engineering / biomedical technology

    • Bionically inspired robotics

      • Locomotion: terrestrial (running), arboreal (climbing), aquatic (swimming), aviation (flying)

      • Grasping / manipulation / handling

    • Bionically optimized processes: (e.g. organization of production lines)

    • Biosensors / sensor bionics (e.g. tactile hair systems)

    • Whegs (wheel-legs)

  • BioMOEMS (Bio-Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems)

    • Cell cultivation in microfluid systems

    • Cell handling in microfluid systems

  • Prevention, diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation

    • Spine

    • Hearing / audiometry

Special Equipment

  • Audiometry laboratory for hearing testing (tone threshold audiometry, otoacoustic emissions)

  • Mobile sound analyzers and noise dosimeters for tasks in the areas of noise at the workplace and environmental noise monitoring

  • Microtribometer

  • Kistler® and self-developed force plates, various methods of motion analysis

  • Access to the possibilities of the DFG-funded device center "Micro-Nano-Integration"

  • Mobile EMG measuring system (Delsys Trigno®)

  • Access to marker- and camera-based motion analysis system (Qualisys®)

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