Current Projects


For improved control of surgical robots, tissue properties are displayed in a tactile manner. (Info as PDF)


Development of an intelligent infrared heat cabin as an instrument to measure and improve vitality based on an AI recommendation system. (Info as PDF)


Katja Uhrhan

This project aims to develop a virtual reality-supported training system for home use based on electrical muscle stimulation. (Info as PDF)


Hartmut Witte

Like humans, birds are bipeds, but they walk very differently. With their horizontal torso, for example, they are models for a "walking bipedal table" with sensors. (Info as PDF)


Sebastian Köhring

The aim is to develop a cost- and handling-optimized device for electronically measuring and recording the thickness growth of trees as a contribution to forest monitoring against the background of the restructuring of our forests.


Sebastian Köhring

The focus is on the development of biologically inspired grippers for special technical gripping tasks.(Video)


Thomas Helbig

For the construction of an exoskeleton, knowledge from biorobotics and ergonomics is combined and further developed. (Info as PDF)

Noise prevention

TU Ilmenau

Prevention research on noise-induced hearing loss (learn more)