Completed Projects


  • biologically inspired miniature robots (locomotion, grasping, manipulation, handling)

  • Bionics and mechatronics for biomedical engineering

  • Bioactuators, bionics of actuators (e.g. EAP Electroactive Polymers)

  • Biosensorics/sensor bionics (e.g. tactile hair systems)

  • bionically optimized processes

  • Whegs (Wheels & Legs)


TU Ilmenau

Cilia are the hair-like plasma extensions of eukaryotic cell membranes. Metachronous movement of cilia fields represent a very efficient form of transport. (learn more)


Visualization of an InspiRat on a cable shaftTU Ilmenau

The technical objective of the joint project was the development of a small to medium-sized climbing robot modelled on climbing four-legged vertebrates (info as PDF).

Bite Force

Visualisierung einer BeißkraftvorrichtungTU Ilmenau

Bite force is a factor that significantly affects feeding and social behaviour in vertebrates. It can be considered as a performance trait that is directly linked to an individual's evolutionary fitness (REFS). (learn more)


TU Ilmenau

The Bionik Kompetenz Netzwerk (BioKoN) is intended to provide industry with efficient access to bionic problem solutions and to contribute to environmentally compatible technology development. (info as PDF)


Visualisierung des ProjektsTU Ilmenau

Research of fiber/foil shaped IPMC actuators and motion models based on them (IPMC actuator) (info as PDF)


Logo of the project Rope-EnthesisTU Ilmenau

The project SeilEnthese deals with the design of end connections of textile traction devices under consideration of biological principles (info as PDF).

Contact: Dr. S. Lutherdt; T. Helbig; S. Wenzel; S. Köhring

Biocompatibility, Human-Technology Interaction

  • Biocompatibility in the sense of biomedical engineering
  • Biocompatibility in the sense of mutual adaptation, living being-machine-living being
  • Human-Machine-Interface, Human-Machine-Interface
  • Assistance systems for the generation 50+ and mobility impaired people
  • Exoskeletons


Schematische Darstellung des Projekts Silver MobilityTU Ilmenau

Near field mobility concepts for the age group 50+ (info as PDF)


Schematische Darstellung des Projekts LeviaktorTU Ilmenau

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a modularly combinable and adaptable exoskeleton for the compensation of physical stress. (learn more)


Visualization of a room with interfaces for the project BundschuhTU Ilmenau

Operating concepts and interfaces in the real living environment of very old users (info as PDF)

Contact: Dr. S. Lutherdt, T. Helbig, S. Wenzel

BioMOEMS (Bio-Micro-Opto-Electromechanical Systems)

  • Cell cultivation in microfluidic systems
  • Cell handling in microfluidic systems


CAD Zeichnung eines SACCA ModulsTU Ilmenau

System for automated cell cultivation and analysis (info as PDF)


Visualisierung des ProjektsTU Ilmenau

Development of a microsystem-based cultivation and handling system for cell monitoring of 3D ECM-analogous biointerfaces. (info as PDF)


Visualisierung des ProjektsTU Ilmenau

Realization of micro- and nanostructured glass components using glass forming technology. (info as PDF)

WK Basis

Logo von WK BasisTU Ilmenau

Structuring and modification of surfaces as well as realization of a bio-microsystem test environment for hydrogel-coated carrier elements (info as PDF)

Contact person: K. Limburg

Biomechatronics in Biomedical Engineering

  • Prevention, diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation (focus on audiometry)
  • Assistance systems for the 50+ generation
  • Assistance systems for the mobility impaired
  • Exoskeletons
  • Implantology/osteosynthesis


Kopf mit miniaturisiertem Dosimeter im OhrTU Ilmenau

Personalized Miniaturized Dosimeter (PMD) for aurally correct dosimetry of noise exposure (info as PDF)

Adaptive Tissue

Logo vom Projekt adaptives GewebeTU Ilmenau

Material and process engineering developments for the integration of cognitive properties in textile surfaces with bionic solution approaches (info as PDF)


Bild von Nagetier mit VibrissenTU Ilmenau

Technical, non-visual characterization of substrate contacts based on the biological model of carpal vibrissae. (info as PDF)


Visualisierung des ProjektsTU Ilmenau

Fundamental material and process engineering developments for the integration of cognitive properties in textile surfaces with bionic solution approaches. (info as PDF)


Abbildung eines GPS Gerätes zur ProjektvisualisierungTU Ilmenau

Tourist assistance system for barrier-free access to holiday, leisure and educational activities (TAS) (info as PDF)


Desktopdarstellung für Benutzeranwendung des WeitblickprojektsTU Ilmenau

Supporting older people with service functions in daily life and leisure activities (info as pdf)

Contact: Dr. S. Lutherdt; T. Helbig; S. Wenzel