The Biomechatronics Group offers courses for the bachelor's and master's degree programs in mechatronics and biomedical engineering. Individual subjects of the joint teaching offer for these two study programmes are also used in the bachelor program biotechnical chemistry. Since 2017, we have also taken over parts of the teaching duties of the Occupational Science Group, which has not been reoccupied. For the courses we use the learning platform Moodle, a flexible and easy-to-use learning management system. Here you can log in to the learning platform http://moodle2.tu-ilmenau.de.

Eingliederung der Biomechatronik in den Studiengang biomedizinische Technik und Mechatronik.TU Ilmenau
Schematic integration of biomechatronics into the course of studies biomedical engineering and mechatronics


If you are interested in applying findings from the life sciences of biology and medicine to technology, the study of mechatronics with an elective focus on biomechatronics is a good choice. You will receive a solid university education in one of the most promising engineering subjects of the future, and you will be taught the basic principles of technical biology / bionics in our specialisation courses. Examples are microsystems bionics, bionics and mechatronics for biomedical engineering and bionically inspired robotics.

Mechatronics in Biomedical Engineering

If your main interest lies in making technology useful for medicine, you should choose our biomedical engineering degree program, coordinated by Germany's oldest Institute for biomedical engineering.

In this bachelor program, the Biomechatronics Group contributes significantly to the basic biological-medical education (anatomy and physiology) and develops fundamental aspects of its implementation in technology (technical biology and bionics, environmental systems engineering).

In the master program in biomedical engineering, we coordinate the training in biomechanics and represent clinical biomechanics ourselves. Our own research in biomedical engineering currently focuses on BioMOEMS, biomechanics and audiometry.



The procedure for registering for examinations is described on the website of the examination organisation of the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

In special cases, please contact the responsible examination office regarding the recognition. In addition, you can contact the group office of the Biomechatronics Group for registration and deregistration.

The evaluation of examination performances is oriented to the evaluation key according to the resolution of the department council of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Dec. 18, 1991.

Post-Exam Review


Examinations can be viewed upon request. To do so, please register by e-mail with Ms. Kerstin Schmidt, our secretary, with your name, your matriculation number and your course of study and let her know which exam it is.

As a rule, the inspection for the exams of one semester takes place on one day at the beginning of the following semester.

Topics for student theses


We also supervise qualification theses, design projects and research seminars. The topics are based on the main research areas of the Biomechatronics department. If you are interested, please contact us at biomechatronik@tu-ilmenau.de