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Practical course Flexible Assambly/Quality Assurance

The practical course Flexible Assembly / Quality Assurance (FM - subject number 7448) serves the deepening and practical exercise of the lecture contents on the subjects of quality assurance or quality management and flexible assembly, statistics, probability theory and distributions.

The students gain practical experience in the application of tools and methods of quality assurance and quality management.

The practical course is part of the elective catalogue Production Engineering in the 2nd semester of the Master's programme in Mechanical Engineering.

It comprises 4 experiments:

  • Quality control charts for qualitative characteristics (QRKA)
  • Sampling inspection for qualitative characteristics (SPPA)
  • Audit (AUDIT)
  • Test process suitability / test certificate capability test (PEPF)


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  • Linß, G.: Training Qualitätsmanagement, Fachbuchverlag Leipzig, 3. Aufl, 2011
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The practical course instructions and the supervisors with their contact details can be found on the Practical Courses of the department. The experiments are marked in colour in the FM column of the overview. Please make an appointment by e-mail with 3 suggested dates (week, date, time).

The practical courses takes place in groups of 3. Appointments must be arranged with the practical course supervisors.

Certificate cards will be issued in the secretary's office (Newtonbau 2050, Fr. Unbehaun).

In order to carry out the practical courses, instruction on how to behave during the practical courses is required. Instruction documents are also available on the page Practical Courses. The instruction must be confirmed by signature in the secretary's office when the certificate cards are issued.