Research Equipment

2D/3D image processing

  • Real-time 3D sensor system (30 3D images/s)
  • High-speed 3D sensor system (1000 3D images/s)
  • Multimodal real-time 3D sensor with VIS, NIR, color, polarization and NWIR/LWIR cameras
  • Hand-held optical 3D scanner with fringe projection (measuring field 200 x 200 mm2)
  • Handheld 3D scanner including color and texture information (measuring field up to 10 x 100 mm2)
  • 3D stereo cameras
  • 3D sensor head with pattern projection (measuring field 20 x 20 mm2)
  • High speed camera technology (500 fps)
TU Ilmenau / QBV
TU Ilmenau

Multispectral / Multimodal Imaging System

  • Multispectral image acquisition system - Push-broom scanner (UV, VIS, SWIR)
  • Multispectral camera systems (filter wheel, snap-shot-mosaic, tiled, line-scan)
  • Various camera and illumination systems (UV, VIS, FIR)
  • One Light Spektra (tunable illumination 380-720 nm)
  • Quest 5 chip multispectral camera
  • Orca 16 bit camera with thermostat
  • 12 channel multispectral camera (400 - 1000 nm) (home made)
  • Spectrometer (VIS, UV, NIR)
  • System for detection and sorting of natural substances (self-made)

Coordinate / surface metrology

  • Ultra precision coordinate measuring machine F25 with resolution <10 nm (Zeiss) with software Calypso
  • Optical coordinate measuring machine Acure 250
  • Optical coordinate measuring machine UniVis
  • WLI WSE1 white light interferometer
  • Laser Scanning Microscope LSM 700 (4 diode lasers) with software ZEN
  • ULM (high precision length measuring machine)
TU Ilmenau / QBV
TU Ilmenau/QBV



Robot systems

  • Collaborative robots UR5 and UR10
  • Mobile robot platform KAIROS
  • Walking robot Spot (Boston Dynamics)

Manufacturing Systems

  • Rapid Prototyping System for Printed Circuit Boards
  • Ultimaker Extended
  • XYZ-Printer DaVinci Color
  • SLM system EOS M290
TU Ilmenau

Software and computer systems

  • 2D/3D analysis software (geomagic OSPREY)
  • Image processing software (HALCON)
  • Data mining and machine learning software (WEKA)
  • Analysis software (MATLAB, LabView, Minitab)
  • Optics design software (ZEMAX)
  • 3D design software (Solid Works, Inventor, Altair Inspire)
  • Electronic CAD (OrCAD, Protel, Altium Designer)
  • High performance computing cluster / GPU cluster

Electronics development

  • Tektronix DPO7354 storage oscilloscope (4Ghz)
  • Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer RSA6114 (14Ghz)
  • Various boards for analysis and synthesis of electronic systems (oscilloscopes, function generators)
  • Various FPGA boards (Spartan, Zync, Virtex)