Students at the TU Ilmenau have the opportunity to qualify as "DGQ Quality Systems Manager - Junior" during their studies.

Students of other faculties and courses of the TU Ilmenau can also achieve the qualification by proving the successful completion of the courses. Interested students can thus gain expertise in quality management and prove their knowledge with the certificate of the German Society for Quality. Prof. Notni, head of the Group for Quality Assurance and Industrial Image Processing, was appointed as BLH representative at TU Ilmenau by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität Frankfurt am Main e. V. The certificate, which is only valid in conjunction with the Bachelor, Master or university diploma, entitles the holder - after fulfilling the other professional requirements - to immediately begin training as a DGQ/EOQ auditor.

In 1996 the German Society for Quality e.V. (DGQ) general rules for obtaining the certificate Quality Systems Manager Junior in connection with a university education were developed and adopted. These rules ensure compliance with the requirements of the harmonised EOQ training scheme for the registration / certification of quality professionals and the international recognition of this training.

For the examination as "DGQ Quality Systems Manager - Junior" the successful completion of the following courses in the corresponding bachelor, master or diploma courses is required.

The Quality Systems Manager Junior entitles to apply for the DGQ QM, provided that the other requirements DGQ QM (professional experience) are fulfilled and the examinations at the university are compatible with the formal requirements of EOQ CS 9000.

Implementation of the requirements:

Processing of case studies/group work with similar objectives as DGQ and evaluation according to DGQ evaluation criteria (moderation, presentation, result) should be a compulsory part of all BLH study programmes. As a proof of performance at least the evaluation sheet and result sheet per student should be sent to the DGQ additionally to the application documents of the graduate (proof to the accreditation body).

If the execution of group work with the above mentioned evaluation criteria is not possible, a DGQ examination is mandatory for DGQ QM certificate.

Written examination: min. 20 MC questions in 30 min

DGQ provides the BLH professors with the matrix of exam-relevant topics as a structural guideline for the contents and compilation of their own questions. The BLH representatives implement this with their own questions and prove this to DGQ. The procedure for this is developed by the BLH.

EOQ requires 4 years of professional experience, thereof 2 years with QM relevant activities


Procedure for obtaining the certificate as PDF file


Practical courses overview "DGQ Quality Systems Manager-Junior