Research profile

2D/3D image processing

  • Embedded image acquisition systems with image preprocessing (FPGA platform for image processing)
  • Special camera systems for 2D/3D image processing tasks (sensor heads)
  • Optical 3D sensors (stereo and pattern projection methods)
  • Methods and system techniques for highly dynamic 2D and 3D coordinate measurement
  • Robot-guided machine and process integrated 2D/3D image processing systems
  • Image processing interfaces for real-time peripheral communication
  • Investigation and development of precision measuring methods for tactile and non-contact three-coordinate measurement / multidimensional edge detection
  • Evaluation of image sensors/camera systems under the aspects of EMVA1288
  • Special illumination systems and special electronics for multi-channel image acquisition (2D-/3D- and multispectral)
TU Ilmenau

Multimodal and multispectral image processing

  • Multispectral 2D/3D image acquisition systems (VIS, NIR)
  • Multimodal 2D/3D image data acquisition and image data processing (VIS, NIR, FIR)
  • Spectral multi-channel image acquisition
  • Spectral image processing
  • Optical microsystems technology for hyperspectral sensor technology
  • Miniaturized spectral sensor technology
  • Application in medical fields (determination of vital parameters, early detection of cancer)
  • Human-machine interaction, object recognition, sorting

Object recognition / machine learning

  • Methods of object/pattern recognition and machine learning in 2D/3D/color, multi-channel and spectral images
  • Image analysis and parallel multi-channel sorting of natural products (grain, seeds, rock, etc.)
  • Methods for automating visual inspection and technical recognition (defect detection on technical surfaces, detection of material defects, detection of shape, color and texture deviations, etc.)
  • Methods for assessing the complexity of given recognition tasks and suitable features for class separation
  • Fusion of image-analytical and spectral-analytical features for automated object recognition
  • Methods for optimal application-specific classifier selection
  • Optimization methods for automatic classifier parameter selection
TU Ilmenau / QBV

Quality assurance / quality management

  • Process oriented quality assurance
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Procedures and methods for automatic 100% testing
  • Teaching and training for quality assurance
  • Qualification "DGQ Quality System Manager Junior"