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The Group for Quality Assurance and Industrial Image Processing offers courses for the following degree programs:

Lectures, seminars/exercises and practical courses are held in the following subjects:

  • Basics of image processing and pattern recognition (Image Processing 1)
  • Basics of color image processing (Image Processing 2)
  • Basics of 3D image processing (Acquisition and Processing of 3D Data)
  • Basics of image processing for engineers
  • Industrial image processing for quality assurance
  • Systems engineering and system theory of image processing
  • Principles of quality assurance
  • Image based test engineering
  • Technical reliability
  • Quality management/CAQ systems
  • Practical course Flexible Assembly / Quality Assurance
Fraunhofer IOF - TU Ilmenau

Industrial Image Processing

In the field of image processing, students are taught the basics of image acquisition systems and software algorithms for metric image processing as well as for technical recognition and machine learning. The view of image processing or the solution of an image processing problem is always in its entirety, starting with the acquisition of image data that can be easily evaluated up to the mapping of algorithms on special hardware.

Particularly characteristic here is the close connection to the application areas of industrial 2D/3D image processing for quality assurance and production control as well as human-technology interaction and cooperation.

Quality Assurance

The subject quality assurance imparts basic knowledge for the development, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems. At the same time, the students receive well-founded knowledge that enables them to meet the high demands of the complex automation of quality assurance and testing procedures.

Students of the TU Ilmenau have the opportunity to qualify as "DGQ Quality Systems Manager - Junior" during their studies.

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Practical Courses

Through a very versatile special practical courses in industrial image processing and quality assurance, students can acquire in-depth knowledge.

To the practical course instructions...

The group assigns topics for project seminars, bachelor, master and diploma theses. Usually the topics of these theses are directly integrated into the research projects of the group or can also be carried out in cooperation with industrial companies.

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