Topics for bachelor, master, diploma theses, student or scientific assistants

Please ask the staff of the group for further topics. Similar topics, as shown in the following list, are possible in the fields of image processing, measurement technology, quality management, investigations on measurement accuracy, design, development of test algorithms and test equipment, as well as software and hardware development.

Notes on the preparation of scientific papers

Status: 26.07.2023

ongoingLooking for practical experience? - Interesting tasks in image processing - software development / C++ programming / AI methods ...all
ongoinge.g.conversion of algorithms of 2D/3D-BV to Nvidia JetsonswA Hs Ps
277Investigations on the use of multispectral cameras and 3D sensors on a walking robot for the cleaning of large areasB  M swA
2764D measurement with event cameras B  M swA
275Development of a recognition unit for the automated return of packaging B  M Ps
274Development, integration and characterization of subsystems for digitization in the forestry sector alle
273Integration of sensors/cameras and testing of deployment scenarios of the walking robot SPOT for forestry and industrial environmentsall
272Development of optical measurement technology to optimise microlens array productionall
271Realisation of a demonstrator for swarm-based optics manufacturingall
2703D surface measurement of transparent objects using thermal radiationall
269Application-oriented characterisation of 3D scanning with the Apple iPhone 14 and comparison with a hand-held 3D industrial scanneroccupied
268Design of a telecentric lens for blue LED lightsM
267AI-assisted improvement of the pose estimation of ChArUco markersoccupied
265KI-assisted enhancement of disparity maps and 3D imaging dataoccupied
264Development of an intelligent recognition routine using classical machine learning algorithms trained on texture featuresoccupied
263Setup and commissioning of a system for recording rock samples using a color camera and a 3D laser line scanneroccupied
2613D detection of transparent objects with single-shot heat pattern projectionB M P
260Design of a vertical 2D LIDAR system for environment detectionoccupied
237Extension of the EMVA1288 measurement setup for characterization of polarization camerasB M
224Feature-based correspondence analysis in the context of real-time 3D acquisition with pattern projectionoccupied


  • Type    Meaning
  • B          Bachelor thesis
  • M          Master thesis
  • Hs        Advanced seminar
  • Ps        Project seminar
  • D          Diploma thesis
  • P          Internship work
  • swA      Student or scientific assistance (HiWi)