The research group "Temperature Measurement Technology" was established by Dr.-Ing. Frank Bernhard and was headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Fröhlich. Dr. Bernhard has written the nationally and internationally recognized "Handbuch der Technischen Temperaturmessung" (Handbook of Technical Temperature Measurement) with significant support from the scientists of the institute, which has now been published in its 2nd edition.

Members of the research group work in national committees in the field of temperature measurement technology, including the VDI/VDE-GMA technical committees 2.52 "Contact Thermometers", 8.14 "Applied Radiation Thermometry" and 8.16 "Temperature Measurement with Thermal Imagers".The DKE expert committee K 961 "Electrical Sensors and Transmitters" and the DKD expert committee "Temperature and Humidity". Here they play a major role in the development of national and international standards and guidelines. In addition, members of the research group were appointed by the German accreditation body as expert assessors for thermodynamic quantities.

The main focus of the research lies in the following areas: