TU Ilmenau

Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Technology

Nanopositioning and nanomeasuring technology began with the research, development and construction of laser interferometers from about 1980 under the direction of Prof. Gerd Jäger. This was connected with research work on laser stabilization and measurement data evaluation, fiber optics use and optical design, etc. The continuous development finally led to the construction of the first nanopositioning and nanometrology machine and to the Collaborative Research Center 622.

Force Measurement and Weighing Technology

The roots of the research group "Force Measurement and Weighing Technology" lie in investigations on tension analysis and the development of interference-optical scales under the former head of the institute Prof. Gerd Jäger. Further research areas complete the profile and are carried out in close cooperation with industry. Highlights are the 1kg mass comparator and the Planck scale.

TU Ilmenau

Temperature Measurement

Already in the 1960s Dr.-Ing. Frank Bernhard established the research group "Temperature Measurement Technology". It develops new temperature measurement procedures/sensors and calibration procedures, investigates various influences of temperature on the other precision measurement procedures available at the Institute and works out possibilities for compensating these disturbing influences.