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Project goal

Archiving and utilisation of the online communication of the Technische Universität Ilmenau, through

  • evaluation of the communication channels used,

  • archiving of the channels of archival value

  • online presentation of the web archive.


Dr. Anja Kürbis

Content support and further development

Maximilian Gagewi

Technical support and further development


+49 3677 69-1715

Project team

Dr. Anja Kürbis (University Archives)

Maximilian Gagewi (University Library)

Project duration

since 2019

01.2019 start with announcement of the web relaunch

02.2020 first crawl of the domain "

09.2021 Interim presentation of the archived websites in the intranet of the Technische Universität Ilmenau

Project results until 09.2021

1. Appraisal

Selection of the web presences: Approximately 150 university-owned or -related web presences were subjected to an elaborate autopsy. About 30 presences were classified as worthy of archiving. These include the domains of the university itself, the student clubs as well as scientific and cultural associations and projects. In the future, the university's own social media channels Twitter and Facebook will also be included in the selection.

Definition of link depth: In principle, all web pages are included. However, for some sub-pages, such as the Moodle learning platform, or the telephone directory, a low link depth was defined in order to merely document the presence of these pages.

Definition of significant properties: Among the significant properties worth archiving is above all the so-called look and feel: pages with videos, changing galleries and content, as well as further links will thus also be represented in an archive version.

Definition of the archiving frequency: The website of the TU Ilmenau will be archived twice a year in perspective, those of all other domains every two years. Important events, such as the Corona epidemic, will also be archived outside the specified frequency.

2. Crawl

The public websites are crawled with the open source tool "Heritrix". The intranet provided with a login is also collected manually with an open source tool "pywb". The storage is executed with the WARC format specified for web archiving according to ISO 28500.

3. Metadata

The metadata are collected in the archival information system and will be made available online in the future.

4. Usability

The usability of the archived web presences and social media channels is legally very limited. Only after the transfer of the necessary rights of use can the archive release the content outside the premises. Therefore, the online presentation of the websites will be done step by step.

Currently, the archived web presences of the Ilmenau University of Technology are temporarily released on the intranet. This is intended to give the university structural units the opportunity to check for themselves which content has been saved and may no longer need to be transferred to the university's new web presence.

Further development

In the future, the web archive of the Technical University will be available online without access restrictions.