Archival tradition enable the members of a society to identify with it and to locate themselves historically within it.

As archivists and employees of the University Archives, we are aware of this identity-creating function and the resulting responsibility.

Therefore, we align our activities with the ethical guidelines for archivists and the mission statement of the Technische Universität Ilmenau.


Protection and preservation

We protect and preserve archival material so that it remains reliable evidence of the past. We document the historical context in which the archive material was created. We preserve the integrity and authenticity of archival materials and ensure their continued use and legibility.

Access and impartiality

We are committed to the best possible access of the archival records and ensure an impartial service to our users. We enable accessibility to the information and respect its worthiness of protection. We do not use our position for our own benefit, but act in the interest of the general public.

Transparency and skill enhancement

We document the processing of the archive material and are able to justify decisions on the creation of the tradition. We pursue the development of our professional skills through systematic further education and training and share our knowledge in professional exchange with archivists and discussions with our users.