Analysis of the challenges, strategies, structures and optimization options of multimodal risk and crisis communication

BMBF research project, 01.11.2021 - 31.10.2024

Short description

The research project is part of the research network "Optimization of Risk and Crisis Communication of Governments, Authorities and Organizations for Health Security (MIRKKOMM)". The research network aims at evidence-based improvement of multimodal risk and crisis communication of public authorities and organizations with security tasks. The field investigates how governmental risk and crisis communication is coordinated in Germany at the federal, state and local levels, what problems arise in this process and how these can be better managed in the future. Four core objectives are focused on: (1) an organizational communication approach is extended to a model of intra- and inter-governmental communication. (2) Qualitative data from interviews and content analysis will be analyzed to describe multimodal risk and crisis communication. (3) a two-wave panel survey of (municipal) representatives of all counties, independent cities and health departments in the Federal Republic will be implemented. (4) recommendations for the optimization of (multimodal) risk and crisis communication of federal and state governments, authorities and health care organizations will be developed.

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