Lecture series 2023

  • What is science: In this lecture, the basic definition of science is discussed. What is real science? What does it aim for? What is science allowed to do, what isn't it? - Prof. Strehle
  • Processes in the RTG: Here, the formal framework and processes inside the RTG and the university are presented. - Dr. Ortlepp
  • Technical services relating your studies: In this lecture, the extensive services of the university's IT center are presented. They range from basic services like mail, storage and printing to specialized software and high-performance computing. - Dr. Ortlepp
  • Intellectual property: In this lecture, the fundamentals of IP an especially patents are described. Patents are an often underestimated source of knowledge. The lecture descibes the legal framework of patents and related property rights, how to efficiently search for patents and how filing a patent works. - Dr. Hoock (PATON)
  • Interferometry and Nanomeasuring and Nanopositioning Machines: This lecture gives an introduction to the basics of precision length measurements. Topics covered are the Abbe principle, interferometry basics, high precision Nanopositioning ans Nanomeasuring Machines (which are the base and the starting point of the NanoFab RTG) and special interferometric concepts like standing wave interferometry. - Dr. Ortlepp
  • Literature research, interlibrary loan - Frau Pfafferott (TU Library)