Nanofabrication Machine

The NPMM-100 nanofabrication machine serves as an important experimental platform for fundamental research in the field of cross-scale AFM tip and laser-based nanofabrication for sub10nm patterning on surfaces up to Ø100 mm. This platform will allow to advance into forward-looking frontiers of nanofabrication with subnanometer reproducibility and uncertainty. New methods of nanostructuring are developed and investigated at the machine. The research work of the DFG Graduate School Nano-Fab (GRK 2182/1) of 13 PhD students will be supported over three generations (9 years). The device is internationally unique and unprecedented and is based on many years of research of the SFB 622 (2002-2013).

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and the German Research Foundation.

3rd generation research program