Nanofabrication Machine

The NPMM-100 nanofabrication machine serves as an important experimental platform for fundamental research in the field of cross-scale AFM tip and laser-based nanofabrication for sub10nm patterning on surfaces up to Ø100 mm. This platform allows to advance into future frontiers of nanofabrication with subnanometer reproducibility and uncertainty. New methods of nanostructuring are developed and investigated at the machine. The research work of the DFG Research Training Group Nano-Fab (GRK 2182/1) of 13 PhD students will be supported over three generations (9 years). The device is internationally unique and unprecedented and is based on many years of research of the SFB 622 (2002-2013).

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and the German Research Foundation.