Based on the offers of the Graduate Center, a soft skills program of 6 LP is offered within the framework of the GRK. The spectrum of topics ranges from special language courses and the teaching of didactic and intercultural skills to project and time management. These courses can be chosen in consultation with the supervisors according to the individual needs of the students. As a rule, these courses are held as block courses, so that a close interlocking of knowledge transfer and practical exercise is made possible. As a result, the doctoral candidates can acquire the certificate "Leadership in Science".

coordinated by TUIL Graduation Center

for example:

  • Scientific writing and presentation in English
  • Literature and patent research, plagiarism
  • Time and project management
  • presentation and lecture techniques
  • intercultural competences

Special courses for women (gender equality)

  • Professional development for women
  • conflict management in the academic field

and own proposals ...