International Conference „Climate (Change) Communication“

The research group EMPK will host the annual conference of the science communication division of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) in Februray 2022. The conference strives to reflect the full diversity of climate (change) communication and its international scientific analysis. The confernce will be organized in a hybrid format, allowing for personal as well as digital participation. For more information please visit the conference website:


Open-Access publication series: NEU-Kommunikation

The publication series „NEU-Kommunikation“ is a forum for scientific research about sustainability, energy and environmental communication. It publishes monographs, edited volumes and conference proceedings as open access gold format. For free download of all publications and further information please visit:


Dialogue is a method that enables people in political and/or ethical conflicts as well as situations of social division to actively listen to „the other“ and to gain mutual understanding. Dialogue helps to make unmanageable sitations manageable and to improve social relations in a society. Members of EMPK research group have been trained as dialogue facilitators by the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue in Norway apply dialogue on political and social problems identified in the EMPK research projects. EMPK is a partner of the Ilmenau Dialogue Center IDC