Offered Topics

Dear students,

thank you for your interest in writing a thesis with us.

If you are looking for a topic:

We have compiled a short overview below with topics that we are increasingly researching in the department. We would be pleased if you would like to write your thesis on one of these topics. As we believe that it is part of writing a thesis to concretize the research question itself, you will find an introductory description of the topics as well as references to already published papers. Please inform yourself accordingly and contact us if you are interested in one of the topics.

Some topic descriptions are written in English and others in German. Regardless, papers can always be written in either German or English.

If you already have a topic you would like to work on:

In this case, please contact us directly and describe in about 3-5 sentences what your paper should be about. Depending on your topic, we will decide whether we can supervise you or whether it might be advisable to turn to another department.


The following list includes thematic suggestions for media projects. If you are interested in one of the following topics, please contact the respective contact person indicated. The list will be supplemented from time to time. But your own suggestions are also welcome at any time.

The Thesis Process

In order to earn your Bachelor in Applied Media and Communication Studies" or Master degree in "Media and Communication Science" at TU Ilmenau, you need to submit and defend a thesis, which needs to be approved by two supervisors (one of them must be a Professor or a Dr. habil.). The thesis consists of an exposé, the thesis itself and the defense. These three elements together correspond to 16 credit points in the case of the bachelor thesis, and 30 credit points in the case of the master thesis.

If you are interested in writing your thesis in the Research Group of Empirical Research and Political Communication, please follow these steps:

Software for qualitative work

The university offers you the possibility to use MAXQDA version 18 for the evaluation of qualitative theses. For this purpose, you can borrow notebooks from the University Computer Center. The team of the department"IT and Media Services" of the departmentwill install MAXQDA on these notebooks.

MAXQDA is also installed and can be used on the computers in the computer labs in the Oeconomicum (Oec).

Furthermore, MAXQDA also offers student licenses for purchase: