Courses and Modules:

For the organization of your studies, you will find relevant information on the following sites:



The "Modultafeln" provides you an overview of the bachelor and master programs and the descriptions of their courses. For instance, you can get information on the requirements, goals, evaluation formats, and activities of a course.


Open Timetable

You can check the schedule with the courses for each semester of the bachelor and master programs on the"Open Timetable." There, you find information about which day of the week, at what time, and in which room/building each course takes place. Select, for example, "student set," "Fakultät WM" (SS for summer semester and WS for winter semester), the semester of the program you want to consult, and the week you want to visualize. It will display the schedule of all courses scheduled in that week for the specified semester and program.



On Moodle, you find the plans, activities, materials, and other types of content made available by the lecturers of the courses in which you are enrolled.